Ideas Taking Root

We were first to see rivers as organisms—as tributaries, branches, reaches and runs.  Our groundbreaking Nooksack River Plan methodology showed that the health of the river is one with the beauty of its intrinsic form.

Conserving the Wild
Launched the landscape immersion era in zoological design, an historic shift recognized as a world zoo conservation strategy by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Designed Montana’s US 93 as America’s first wildlife highway, linking animal habitats—Grizzlies to Painted Turtles—as a landscape continuum over and under the road.

Developed “viewshed” mapping to identify signature scenic landscapes, giving them equal status with economic values under the protections of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Created a watershed-based GIS model for planning regional transportation, conservation-based development and adapting land use to climate change.

Reestablished the landscape architect as lead designer in the holistic design of roads—an approach now recognized and promoted as “context-sensitive solutions” by the Federal Highway Administration.

Culture-Driven Design
Designed cultural centers honoring the relationship of people to place, helping to fuel a renaissance in Native American expression and influence throughout the West.