Nature’s working systems – water, air, plants, and soils – support life, promote health, and shape culture. With communities seeking new ways to partner with nature, engaging nature’s processes in design is at the heart of sustainability.


We see communities in a regional context – as interconnected systems of mutually dependent resources. From the neighborhood, city, regional to global scales, improving the balance of the natural and built environment is good design and good business, and vital to our health and well-being.


Cultures spring from a sustained relationship with “place”. Celebrating these human place-based connections is a cultural imperative that is often overlooked in design. The ways, customs, and traditions that have come to define a people yield a rich trove of material for telling powerful stories in physical form.


To save wildlife, we must save wild places. The best zoos, wildlife parks, and botanical gardens cause us to fall in love with animals and plants. Holistic design helps these institutions entertain, educate, inspire and champion a culture of conservation – from the local to the global scale.