Natural Infrastructure


Natural infrastructure is our nature-powered life support system.  It is nature made visible and functional in all environments.  Natural infrastructure extends from city gardens to rural agricultural lands, urban tree canopy to forest preserves, urban bio-swales to dynamic river systems.  Nature’s working systems—water, air, plants, and soils—support life, promote health, and shape culture.  With communities looking to new ways to partner with nature, engaging nature’s processes in design is at the heart of sustainability.  The vitality of our communities depends on how well we bring together our human and natural systems.     


Practice Areas

Community revitalization
Place-based restoration
Rural and wild places



Cedar Lake Park and Trail

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board


This non-motorized commuter parkway and prairie restoration along a converted rail line links residential neighborhoods with the heart of downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi waterfront. more



Cesar Chavez Park

Seattle, Washington

Sea-Mar Community Health Center


Located in the heart of South Park, a predominately Hispanic neighborhood, Cesar Chavez Park is dedicated to its namesake—a champion of human rights and environmental justice. more



Denver Commons Park

Denver, Colorado
City of Denver, Department of Parks


Denver Commons Park is the centerpiece of Denver’s riverfront park system, and a key link in a 10.5-mile river greenway. more



Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

Renton, Washington

City of Renton Parks Division


This popular legacy waterfront park reclaims a mile-long stretch of industry-degraded shoreline at the south end of Lake Washington for nature and public enjoyment. more



Ice Age Floods Interpretive Plan

Columbia River Basin and the Willamette Valley

National Park Service and the United States Congress


The Ice Age Floods Interpretive Plan explored several approaches to telling the story of the cataclysmic floods that formed much of the Pacific Northwest as we know it today. more



Jefferson Memorial Forest

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government


This nature preserve on the southern fringe of greater metropolitan Louisville encompasses one of the largest urban forests in the United States. Jones & Jones prepared a comprehensive master plan to guide the forest's future improvements and stewardship.more



Lake Forest Park—The Legacy 100-Year Vision

Lake Forest Park, Washington
City of Lake Forest Park


Natural infrastructure is the foundation of this 100-year visionfor the city's parks and open space. It is the first municipal"green infrastructure" plan in Washington State.  more






Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area provides visitors with a unique recreation experience in the dramatic eastern Washington landscape of the Ice Age floods. Jones & Jones prepared a Shoreline Management Plan for equitable public access, improved facilities, and adaptations to changing water levels of the reservoir. more



McCormick Village Park

Port Orchard, Washginton

City of Port Orchard


Our master plan for this park in a newly annexed section of Port Orchard blends nature, community and art. more



Mercer Slough Nature Park

Bellevue, Washington
City of Bellevue, Department of Parks and Recreation


Within view of high-rise office towers, the Mercer Slough Nature Park is home to more than 100 bird species and several dozen mammal species. more



Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint

Seattle, Washginton

Mt. Baker Community Club


Located at the top of Mount Baker Ridge, the Viewpoint Park is a gathering place of steel, stone, and curving walls at the heart of the community. more



Newcastle Beach Park

Bellevue, Washington

City of Bellevue Parks and Recreation Department


This popular beach park was created on one of the last undeveloped stretches of Bellevue's Lake Washington shoreline. An elegant and rhythmic design blends public recreation areas within preserved and restored natural shoreline and uplands. more



Oxbow Park

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Parks and Recreation


Oxbow Park is the result of a grassroots initiative to develop a community park in keeping with the industrial-artistic character of Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. more



Paynes Prairie Sweetwater Park

Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville Regional Utilities and the City of Gainesville


To restore the historic hydrology of northern Paynes Prairie, the City of Gainesville is constructing a large wetland ecosystem that will purify the city's stormwater runoff before releasing it as sheetflow to the prairie. more



Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area

Cedar Falls, Washington

Seattle Water Department: Watersheds and Environmental Services


Located on the edge of the 90,000-acre Cedar River Watershed preserve, Rattlesnake Lake is the primary public recreation area provided by Seattle's water utility. more



Vancouver Land Bridge

Vancouver, Washington
The Confluence Project, National Park Service, City of Vancouver and Washington State Department of Transportation


The Vancouver Land Bridge reconnects historic Fort Vancouver to the city's Columbia River waterfront and helps restore the natural landscape continuum from upland prairie to river edge.  more



Washington Parks Sound-Friendly Vision Plan

Des Moines, Belfair, and Coupeville, Washington
Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission


Burgeoning development around the Puget Sound has put a strain on the estuary's ecosystems and habitats. As part of the Governor's Puget Sound Initiative, state parks were identified as ideal places to showcase how to care for the Sound.  more



Yosemite Valley Development Concept Plan

Yosemite National Park, California

National Park Service


Yosemite Valley has undergone considerable developmnet over the past century without comprehensive land planning. Jones & Jones looked at a broad range of issues to create a conceptual master plan addressing visitor amenities and services, circulation, operations and maintenance, and ecological function.  more





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