Ilze Jones

Ilze Jones - AIA, FASLA

Regardless of scale or endeavor, landscape or building, I strive to design with a clarity of purpose. Beyond that I find particular affinity with city places and spaces and the design and continual remaking of our communities endlessly fascinating. I find that design inspired by a well-grounded relationship with “place” rings true to its natural and cultural fit.

Mario Campos

Mario Campos - FAIA, ASLA

Through design, I strive to reveal the interplay between nature, culture, and community. My commitment is to foster the human connection with nature in our communities, to augment the connection between people and cultural legacy, and to help achieve a higher degree of respect for wildlife and wild places in nature.

Johnpaul Jones

Johnpaul Jones - FAIA

I am mostly interested in Indigenous Native American cultural planning and design. In our work we pay deep respect to regional architectural traditions that lead to the understanding of Indigenous people and their rich cultural heritage in America. Incorporating both the practical and the spiritual in planning and design helps heighten human sensitivity to cultural and environmental issues.

Bruce Arnold

Bruce Arnold - AIA

Walls are the news of the day and represent basic building blocks in the architectural tool-kit. They implicitly define place and can simultaneously protect and welcome. I recall, however, that, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall…” As mused by Robert Frost years ago, but no less relevant for us today, architecture is best when our walls bring us together.

Duane Dietz

Duane Dietz - ASLA, LEED AP

Nature is the best storyteller, and thoughtful design connects people to Nature’s stories. My passion focuses on creating those connections that bring about a greater awareness and appreciation for the plants, animals, geology and water that surround us.  My goal is to make places that not just amaze and create goosebumps, but also makes us storytellers for nature.

Charlie Scott

Charlie Scott - ASLA

I am dedicated to applying landscape architectural insights and approach to all types of environmental planning and design projects, from large scale land use and resource management plans to transportation corridors and city parks. I believe landscape architects with their ability to take a comprehensive or “big-picture” view of places and issues can solve many of the pressing environmental issues confronting us today.

Colleen Thorpe

Colleen Thorpe - ASLA

With a professional goal of spanning the disciplines of Architecture and Landscape Architecture – structures and sites in cultures and communities- my work is about making connections. In a planning and design framework, I focus on integrating region, culture, natural diversity, sustainability, and repair along with conveying cultural values and traditions to engage the user in a valued relationship with community and the natural world.

Wes Simmonds

Wes Simmonds - ASLA

Design to me is rooted in the land and its expression reflects coexisting natural and cultural elements.  The beauty of design is where these elements intersect to celebrate the living landscape and the spirit of place.  My focus is to honor and strengthen the cultural connections between the built and natural worlds.

Karen Davis

Karen Davis - LEED AP

I enjoy planning and designing healthy spaces that connect people with animals and the natural world.  I endeavor to create meaningful places of beauty that inspire people and unite architecture with the landscape.

Olaf Recktenwald

Olaf Recktenwald

Our work focuses on the necessity for a genuine elicitation and interpretation of long-standing traditions in architecture. We investigate how culturally grounded projects can speak eloquently and humanely to the environments we presently live in. We strive to treat nature not as a resource, but as something worthy of wonder, respect, and authentic care.

Janelle Lotzgesell

Janelle Lotzgesell

I believe a deep consideration of environmental responsibility and social equity is an imperative not just of designers and planners, but of individuals and communities. Together we weave the fabric within which humans and nature may thrive. My goal as a designer is to emphasize the dynamism, purpose, and potential of the natural world as it interfaces with the human condition.

Tanner Sment

Tanner Sment

I am a motivated student of architecture and historic preservation who always looks for exposure to new possibilities and skill development. My projects aim to address occupants’ specialized needs while being dedicated to retaining the spirit of the historic fabric, which in turn strengthens the identity of the surrounding city and the community who resides in it.

Mark McIntire

Architecture has been my second career after working as a graphic designer and photographer, and I now wait to see my third career reveal itself in future retirement. Though I’ve cultivated several sub-specialties within the architectural profession (e.g., historic preservation, planning, technological application), I’ve remained true to the revelatory notion of “lifting the veil” as the nagging necessity of creative endeavor common to all.

Julia Higson

Julia Higson

I bring strong ecological and cultural values to my work and seek to center equity and responsibility throughout all stages of a project. Through design, I focus on exploring agency, community, and connection by bringing together people and nature.

Natalia Velez

I strive to find design-based solutions to build sustainable, nature-based spaces for human and animal communities. My work is grounded in sustainable values and results from passion, careful study, and observation to create an intersection between aesthetically pleasing, functional, and energy-efficient spaces.  

Saleha Belgaumi

Saleha Belgaumi

Sara Saernwald

Sara Saernwald

My values are deeply rooted in creating harmonious environments that honor the cultural and historical essence of a place. I believe in forging strong connections between the past and present, ensuring that each design reflects the unique identity of its location. My work emphasizes the importance of wildlife and humans coexisting within the spaces, fostering a symbiotic relationship between nature and urban life. By integrating natural elements and sustainable practices, I strive to create landscapes that are not only beautiful, but also environmentally resilient and socially vibrant, enhancing the quality of life for all who experience them.
Jieuny Reinertson

Jieuny Reinertson

I serve as the Comptroller to oversee our firm’s financial performance, as well as daily accounting duties and maintaining human resources.  I work closely with project managers to monitor project budgets & spending. After working here for 21 years, Jones & Jones has become my second family and I care about each employee’s well-being.

Lily Kimura

Lily Kimura, Marketing/administrative assistant

One of my favorite parts of working at Jones & Jones is learning about all the wonderful projects our firm does. Jones & Jones has a long and fascinating history of undertaking work that highlights the cultural heritage of the communities it works with and the beauty of the natural environment. The more I learn about these past projects, the more I’m excited to do my part as a marketing/administrative assistant to help carry on that rich legacy.

Resource Staff

Greg McDonald

Greg McDonald

As the IT Manager I frequently gravitate towards technical solutions, but I’m constantly amazed as I watch projects unfold in our studio. Technology is a tool that harnesses the real strength of our people – creative knowledge.  I’m proud to play a supporting role as our teams create designs rooted in nature and culture.

Paul Sorey

Paul Sorey - ASLA

Working at the intersection of public art and landscape architecture, I want to make public spaces welcoming, comfortable and engaging. Considering human needs informs my design process. Interactive artworks with intimate spaces, references to nature, the geometry of curves, and splashes of color, invite the visitor to linger and enjoy.

Barbara Witt

Barbara Witt

No matter what scale project or media format, creating effective, compelling communications is the mission. The passion comes from applying it to meaningful projects. This firm is about way more than buildings and landscape. It is about education, healing, preserving, promoting and honoring. I am thankful to contribute to that.

Melissa Quezada, Marketing Consultant

As a marketing consultant specializing in the AEC industry, I have worked with many different firms. Among my wonderful clients, Jones and Jones stands out because of its holistic approach that extends to project work, office culture, and the community. Much of the firm’s work pertains to how projects fit into the natural environment and being mindful of indigenous cultures, animals, and plants — which is a joy to write about and represent in marketing materials.